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Suppress your hunger for fire protection knowledge with a Kidde Fire Systems Lunch & Learn at your facility. Our experienced team of professionals understands the challenges that special fire hazards present and how crucial it is for architects and engineers to specify reliable fire safety products. During this seminar, we will educate you on codes, regulations, fire hazards, products available and present an AIA accredited presentation so you can properly protect any business from fire.

These Lunch and Learn's are only available in USA or CANADA. For inquiries in all other countries, please contact our sales team

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Why Kidde Fire Systems?

With over 100+ years in the fire protection industry, Kidde Fire Systems provides a total system solution comprised of fire detection, control and suppression products; designed to limit asset damage and minimize business downtime.

Product Offerings:

Industries We Protect (but not limited to):

  • Clean Agent Fire Suppression
  • Dry Chemical Fire Suppression
  • Fire Detection and Control Systems - Panels
  • Heat Detection
  • Inert Gas Fire Suppression
  • Low- & High-Pressure CO2 Fire Suppression
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Smoke Detection
  • Water Mist Fire Suppression
  • Wet Chemical Fire Suppression
  • Commercial Cooking
  • Data Processing / Mission Critical
  • Historical and Cultural Buildings
  • Maritime 
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Record Storage
  • Paint Booths
  • Petroleum, Oil & Gas 
  • Printing Plants
  • Power Generation
WHITE PAPER: “Special hazard fire suppression best practices”

Special hazard fire suppression best practices

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