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AlarmLine™ Linear Heat Detector

The AlarmLine Linear Heat Detector provides specialty heat detection for non-traditional applications such as open areas, tunnels, belt conveyors, cable trays and floating roof oil tanks, just to name a few.



The AlarmLine Linear Heat Detector provides early detection of fire or overheating conditions by detecting changes in temperature in localized areas or over its entire length.  It is suitable for virtually all environments; dusty, hazardous, vibrating, even inaccessible.  The AlarmLine Heat Detector is especially suited for applications where ambient conditions prohibit the use of traditional spot-type smoke, flame or heat detectors.


AlarmLine offers a rapid response to both localized fires and wide area overheating. It is easy-to-install, yet rugged, with coatings of fire-retardant polymer, extruded nylon or braided metal. AlarmLine offers extreme flexibility and has practically an unlimited amount of possible configurations.   Linear Heat Sensor Cable can be wrapped around machinery or arrayed across a ceiling. It can fit into small spaces or be run across wide spaces. 


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