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ECS-500™ psi with 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Clean Agent Suppression System

The ECS-500 psi clean agent fire suppression system introduces improved system design flexibility with reduced installation and material costs.

The ECS-500 psi Clean Agent Suppression System is the newest entry in our engineered clean agent suppression product line. The higher pressure (500 psi/34.5 bar) of the ECS-500 with 3M Novec 1230 provides superior system performance as compared to 360 psi/25 bar systems. Now you have the flexibility of a mid-tier solution between our standard ECS™ and Advanced Delivery System (ADS™) to meet application size and design requirements at the ECS 360 psi price. 



  • New 1,100 lb. cylinder reduces cylinder quantities and installation time required, while providing enough agent to cover up to a 27,000 cubic feet area with a single cylinder
  • Increased system pressure allows for longer pipe runs and use of smaller pipe diameters
  • Provides flexibility to remotely locate cylinder storage area more than twice the distance from the hazard area when compared to 360 psi/25 bar systems
  • Can be used with existing 4.0 HASP Key flow calculation software


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