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AEGIS™-XLT Conventional Control Unit

The AEGIS-XLT Control Unit supports a large range of release on and pre-discharge time settings and provides features for LP CO2, Watermist and Spurt applications.


The AEGIS-XLT Control Unit is listed for use with a wide range of suppression systems and can be used to control Kidde Fire Systems’ ECS™ and ADS™ Clean Agents, HP CO2, LP CO2, WHDR™ Wet Chemical and IND™ Dry Chemical systems as well as FENWAL® Initiators, Chemetron® release equipment, sprinkler supervisory, deluge/pre-action, foam and foam/water systems.


With its large range of configuration options and settings, NEMA 1, NEMA 4 and NEMA 12 enclosures, the AEGIS-XLT Control Unit is ideal for LP CO2, Watermist and Spurt applications protecting assets in industrial, manufacturing, high-tech and commercial environments.


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